What Our Members Say

Myself and my wife Lynn have been trading for 2 years now without any progress forward, in fact probably the opposite.

A very good friend of ours introduced us to Ackroyd and Stanley and after a few weeks debating we went live with Level 4.

Don’t debate move fast on this.

In under 4 weeks we have turned a £4000. account into £12125.. Truly amazing results which we could not imagine.

Thank you to our friend for introducing us and thank you to the team at Ackroyd and Stanley for all the hard work and for giving people the

Opportunity to benefit from their experience. Long may it continue.

Richard & Lynn A
at UK.

I have been trading FOREX manually for some time and whist I have made moderate returns, nothing outstanding.
So, I was intrigued by the claims of Ackroyd and Stanley and I must admit a little skeptical.
How wrong was that skepticism? Very wrong.
Since auto trading level 4 for only 2 weeks (10 trading days) my balance is up 50% and clearly on target for 80%.
Amazing, almost unbelievable. Fully recommended.

Keep up the good work guys.

Tim B
at UK.

Yes, I’m very impressed with the way things are going at the moment, so well done to all of you at Ackroyd & Stanley.

Nick R
at UK.

The Ackroyd & Stanley robot is refreshingly different. No upfront costs, no monthly fees (win or lose) and a very good customer service. You are invoiced every 4 weeks based on released profits (i.e. the equity in your account not the balance). They don’t even ask for a debit card, they simply trust you to pay when you make profits. You are encouraged to run the robot on demo for between 7 and 28 days, which is a great idea that allows you to become familiar with its profits. The VPS that the robot runs on is very stable and is provided FOC during the Free Trial Demo period and any problems are corrected quickly and efficiently through a support ticket raised from the Members area of the website. All the main gripes of using a 3rd party service seem to have been resolved and you have the added bonus that they are nice people to talk too.

Peter N
at UK.

Ackroyd and Stanley are a very professional company and do exactly as they say. I can verify the results as true and accurate. I can’t speak highly enough of this company and rate it 5 star plus on both performance and level of service received.

Mr Morris
Edinburgh at Scotland.

I joined A&S for 3 reasons: transparency – service – profit on capital.
I elected to get on to their highest level as soon as I could for best returns.
I can see clearly how they earn their money and I am solely in control of my trading account.
They invoice me on my net (equity balance) profit. And if no profit – no invoice. I like that.
(It’s a shame UK Pension Funds don’t do the same, isn’t it!)
For their payment, they have to earn me money and give me great service.
What do I have to do? Oh… that’s right, Nothing!
And with profit in excess of 40% per month I AM HAPPY!
To the founder members of A&S, “Thank you” for putting together such a fair, client-focused business model.
You’re amazing people and long may your business prosper.

Phil N
East Kent at UK.

I have tried to make profit from trading but without success, Ackroyd & Stanley have changed that, I now make a good profit each month, and I am hoping that soon I will be able to stop working and take early retirement, and start living a good life.

Jacob Johnson
Semi Retired at Marine Engineer.

Found this whilst Google searching for ways to earn some extra money, signed up because did not have to pay anything upfront, glad I did, after taking Free Trial upgraded to live trading and profits are great.

All as promised, I would recommend to anyone.

Bianca Hammound
Care Worker at Essex.

I’m at Uni and heard about this “easy way to make some extra money”, it was FREE to try so I did, WOW it worked, so Thanks, you guys are really cool.

Uni Student at Coventry.

A friend told me about this and I am so grateful, she knew I was struggling to make ends meet each month, I started with $500 my Mother in Law helped me with, I did as advised and for a few months I left the profits to compound, now each month I have enough profit to meet all my bills, Thank You so much.

Janet Russell
Mother of Four Boys at Home.

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