Level Four Membership

At the request of members, we are pleased to add our Level Four Membership.

With an entry level of £1,500 during the Platinum period and then increasing to £4,000 after the gifted 12-week Platinum period, Level Four is of appeal to the serious investor.

Because of the bigger trading bank, we are able to trade more instruments, this smooths the margin requirement, and makes for a lower margin requirement and greater profits overall.

Of course, at 82.2% per month profit, you simply need to compound your profits for this 12 week period, and you will have a trading bank of £11,213 and that is after deducting our fees.


37% pm


  • Proven Over 7000 Trades
  • £1,500 Min. Trading Bank

Download the Compound Calculator here, to see for yourself this calculation.

Level Four is our foundation strategy and offers the very best in high ROI with low Drawdown.

We detail below a summary of past performance and include a trade by trade breakdown of trading history of some 7,000 trades, so you can truly see every signal trade by trade, profits and loses, complete transparency.

Here is a full record of every trade over approximately 4.5 months, if you take the 4 full trading periods, they average £2512 per month profit on a trading bank of £4000, this is an average historical monthly ROI of 62.8%.

Even better the profits shown here do not benefit from compounding, members will automatically enjoy greater profits from compounding as our software calculates lot size based on your increasing trading bank.

A total profit of £11,047 over 4.5 months.

In this sample of 7000 trades over the 4.5-month trading period drawdown averaged a maximum of 33%.

As members may be aware, you do have the ability to set you own Risk & Reward ratio, so if you would prefer a lower potential drawdown, you can set this in your members area of the website.

But of course, with lower risk comes lower profits.

If you would like to take a Free Trial Demo or start Live Trading of level four then please complete this request form.

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