FREE VPS Programme

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is an important part of any traders equipment, especially if your internet signal is weak and unreliable, it ensures you have a good reliable internet connection 24/5 to power your MT4 Trading Platform, with servers located in the optimum location for fastest order execution.

To ensure you receive the best performance during your FREE Trial Period we provide you with a complimentary VPS service. When you switch to Live Trading then you will need to purchase your own VPS Service, we do offer to allow you to use our VPS Service at a reduced rate of $15pm, the normal cost of such a VPS would be approximately $39 (£37)pm.

The broker that we recommend offers to repay you the cost of the VPS if you trade 15 lots per month.

Once your live trading is generating 15 lots in volume our broker will provide a FREE VPS Service.

When you qualify for a FREE VPS we will send you an email letting you know, and if you wish we will secure the FREE VPS Service for you.

Subject to the size of your trading bank then our trading signals and trades opened and closed will generate more than 15 lots and therefore you can get a FREE VPS month after month.

VPS needed for Level Two

If you are trading on Level Two Membership strategies are not as demanding as Level Three, but given your connection must be live 24/5 then we still recommend you have a VPS.

VPS is needed for Level Three

Because Level Three is a lot more profitable it achieves this in part because it trades a lot more trades each day, for this level of trading you really are advised to operate via a VPS.

A trading bank of £500 should generate 15 lots more month and therefore you will qualify for a FREE VPS.