13% pm


This is calculated taking the data of our 7 months of "Forward Testing" which is certified & verified by MyFxBook, we take the daily profit and multiply by 20 to give profits for a 20 Day Trading Cycle. We also double the MyFxBook daily profit figure to provide for the effect of compounding which was not included in this 7 month Forward Testing, see excel sheet below.


26% pm


This is calculated as Level 2 but also accepting greater potential maximum draw down (DD). As can be seen via the Level 2 MyFxBook records the DD is around a maximum of 17%, many of our members have elected to accept higher potential DD with the benefit of greater profits. The 4 weekly profit is achieved by accepting a potential DD of 34%.

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For your trading success we enable you to harness the skills of our experienced traders who research and analyse the markets and together with various indicators and bespoke algorithms, thereby delivering great trading signals with a 70% Win Rate over the past 5 years. When you combine this with the robotic execution of your trades by our software ensuring consistent risk management within your chosen parameters, then you have a winning formula.

We are very proud of the Key Elements our members enjoy:

  • The Level Two and Three Profits shown opposite are generated automatically by our software, these profits are a “Passive Income” for you.
  • 70% Average Win Rate of trades
  • 20% Profit per month (subject to markets) of your trading bank, being the average profit per month over the past 5 years
  • More recently our Traders have added new strategies and even greater profits. We now have Two Levels of Membership and Three Membership Bands for each level, the most profitable Membership Band is “Platinum”.
  • See our Platinum Band, Level Two & Three “Live Trading Account” profits opposite which are available to you if certain conditions are met See menu tab above “Achieve Best Profits” or click here for details.
  • After you have taken a FREE Trial and decided to start live trading we gift you 12 weeks at Platinum Band Membership.
  • Results of our Platinum Band “Live Trading Accounts” are Verified & Certified by (see links opposite to view)
  • Really easy to start, no experience required
  • We even offer a “Done for You” installation service to connect our software for you at just £20 if that helps, click here for full details.
  • See our FREE to join “FREE VPS” for even greater profits.
  • Low Drawdown of no more than 18% of trading bank over the past 5 years (Drawdown is the trading term for a run of losing trades and/or losing open trades, for example a trading bank of £1,000 could reduce by £180 to £820 before starting to generate profits again), different Performance Bands may experience different drawdown figures.
  • Accessible to ALL, start with just £500
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  • Manual or Automated trade execution
  • Client driven Risk Management settings
  • Only pay us monthly in arrears when you make a profit
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As our Level 4 strategy is better than Level2/3 we encourage you to start "Live Trading" with Level 4 but if funds are limited and you cannot start at Level 4 then you can start on Level 2/3 and upgrade to Level 4 later.

If you choose Level 2/3 we will provide a Level 4 demo so that you can see for yourself the qualities of Level 4.

Level 2/3 Minimum "Live Trading" bank L2 £500, L3 £3,000.

Level 4 Minimum "Live Trading" bank L4 £7,000.

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